Nobody can live up to Shakira’s Waka Waka (it’s time for Africa). I think we’ve all established that – but that doesn’t mean they ain’t gonna try.

Jason Derulo is the next artist who’s been roped into releasing a song all about “champions” and the “world” to celebrate this year’s World Cup in Russia. That’s right the man who famously once wrote “Your booty like two planets, go head, and go ham sandwich, woah, I can’t stand it” is going to record the soundtrack titled ‘Colours’ for the upcoming festival of football.

Will it be any good? We don’t know. The track drops on March 6. We’re curious, but not confident.

We’ll always be backing our home girl Shakira in on this…

Shoutout to SB for bringing our attention to those lyrics – they’re quite something aren’t they!