Cristiano Ronaldo is fighting hard to maintain his youth.


The Portuguese star has spent the last decade on top of the world. For Ronaldo’s high standards, he’s dipped in form this season.

As Barcelona push clear toward a La Liga title, the Real Madrid star is focusing on his body. He’s only months away from representing Portugal in what could be his last ever World Cup,

It’s also uncertain as to whether he will see out the rest of his career at Real Madrid.

‘Life is a continuous challenge from every point of view,’ Ronaldo explained. 

‘It is very interesting, especially for a sportsman.

‘I try to be at my peak physical level because it is very important for my profession.

‘I have to be at 100 per cent and I take it very seriously.

‘Now, I don’t do the same things I did 10 years ago. To maintain yourself at this level you must make sacrifices. 

‘I can no longer do certain things, surely I cannot do the things I did when I was 20 years old. 

‘We must always find a balance. Even the small details make a difference.’