It’s finally happened!

After years of waiting, EA has finally answered calls for a World Cup mode in a FIFA game.

After hearing the news that EA were going to introduce a ‘World Cup’ mode in FIFA 18, I’m not going to lie, I threw a cheeky fist pump at work. I know I wasn’t the only one.

For years, FIFA players like myself have had to make a custom ‘World Cup’ tournament when playing with mates. I think I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve tried winning the World Cup with Australia on legendary mode with a mate. It’s not easy.

In the past, EA has released separate FIFA World Cup editions, which in my opinion haven’t been a success.

No official information has been released by EA. Although if you’ve ever switched the commentary language to the excitable Spanish caller Manolo Lama, he has pretty much confirmed it.

“I have to record it for FIFA World Cup in December, I think it will be out in February or March,” he said.

FIFA Ultimate team players don’t worry, there’s something special for you as well. Players participating in the 2018 World Cup will all be getting a card update 😉