Arsenal could have had a brand new manager for the first time in 20-years this season, had Arsène Wenger followed through with his plans to call it quits on the back of last season.

Speaking with on French television, Wenger reflected that he “hesitated” on re-signing with Arsenal for another two years in May.

“Yes I hesitated about signing a new contract for personal reasons. I have been at Arsenal for 20 years and I ask myself all the time if I should continue to run the club. And also because we struggled a lot last season. Coaching a different club would be possible,” Wenger said.

Arsenal has had a pretty shocking start to the Premier League season, conceding 8 goals in three games and have just 3 points to show for it.

But Arsene still believes the Gunners can be a “championship club” this season. We’re not convinced – especially after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain left the Emirates to go join Liverpool last week.

Old-mate Wenger also noted that PSG had come knocking for his services at the helm during the off-season.


Image: Aleks Jason