Sepp Blatter has reared his balled head once more from the wasteland of disgraced FIFA officials – only to take a big old whack at the Socceroos.


With a vengeance in his breath – Blatter the self-proclaimed “architect” of women’s football, sat down to chat about his banishment from football with Sweedish newspaper, Expressen, last month.

And boy oh boy – did he come prepared to rip some FIFA officials a new one, but also found the time to give the Socceroos (yes – our very own national team) a backhanded slap across the belly (you’ll get this in a sec).

After explaining how females are best suited to play football, he continues…

“In men’s sport it’s different because the athletes are so big. Like in the Australian national team. I saw them on TV yesterday. They looked like a rugby team. Some of their players were overweight. They need to work out more. They need to run more.”

Yes, that’s right. This old bloke just called Aaron Mooy, Tommy Rogic, Trent Sainsbury & co fat.

How does that one feel boys!? BANG!

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Source: 442