Paris Saint-Germain social media team really know how to rub salt into the wounds. 

They had no problem reminding the Catalans about the loss of their departed star. Call it a coincidence, but it’s not hard to realise that the timing of their tweets was quite intentional.

Any loss on home turf against your rivals is humiliating enough. But when you lose 5-1 on aggregate, well there’s no coming back from that.

PSG’s twitter account let loose after Los Blanco’s 2-0 win over Barcelona this morning. And it didn’t take long to go viral.


7.57am AEST:     TWEET 1: Picture of Neymar and Dani Alves – Both former Barca stars

8.19am AEST     TWEET 2: PSG post pic of Neymar laughing 10 minutes from FT in El Clásico