He’s not happy. And he’s made sure everyone knows about it.

Lionel Messi took to Instagram earlier this week to express his dissatisfaction about something or other… while it is unclear exactly what Leo’s venting about but he sure as hell didn’t mince his words in doing so.

Posting to Instagram:

“Fucked up day but you have to pick yourself up and carry on. This has just started.”


Día jodido pero hay que levantarse y seguir. Esto recién empieza.

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“Good boy” Messi must be riled up about something, and it’s not hard to get the mind racing on what that could possibly be…

  • Losing the first El Clasico of the season, with Ronaldo scoring the winner.
  • Barca’s signing of Paulinho
  • The string of underwhelming signings over the last few years
  • Neymar’s departure (5 stages of grief – still stings)
  • Failure to find a replacement for Neymar (and BONUS – having to play with Deulofeu)

Any of these would make even the greatest player in the world pissed right off.