Chelsea: “But I’m a guy like me”.

The Blues can’t stop being friend-zoned to Man United right now.

First Mourinho, now Matic. It’s clear that both former Chelsea manager and Serbian midfielder are already converted to Red Devils. It’s only taken Matic one game to display his quality and put in a man of the match performance in his Premier League debut.

It’s actually scary to see how clinical United can be when all the gears and cogs in the machine spin seamlessly. The one thing everyone noticed, is how the holding midfielder provided security and stability in the midfield, ultimately freeing up Pogba to push forward. He may be 29 years old but if he was a car, he’d definitely be a Chevrolet. He’s an absolute workhorse in the midfield and has an unstoppable engine. It makes sense seeing though Chevrolet are United’s official sponsor.

It hasn’t even been a week, and the former Blue is already in love with the culture at Man United.

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Matic speaks to MUTV

‘Thanks to the guys, they have accepted me from my first day and I feel their support,” said Matic.  

“Thanks to them, I feel very comfortable and I feel like I will be here a long time.”

“They have helped me, and I am happy if I give them something back, and that I helped us to win.’

“We played good football, and I think our supporters enjoyed it as well.”

“When you wear that [United] shirt you feel some kind of pressure because this is a big club.  But that’s why we are here.”

Manchester United will travel to Wales to take on Swansea in round two of the Premier League.