Melbourne City signs Marcus Gomes.

Imagine being sent over to the UK by a professional football club to play FIFA. Well that’s the reality for 20 year old Marcus Gomes.

Talent doesn’t go unnoticed, especially at Melbourne City. The Manchester owned club has signed Gomes as their first FIFA eSports player. It’s also a first for the A-League, which is huge for gamers looking to make it on the world stage.

Gomes is kind of a big deal in the FIFA gaming world. For one, he’ll be the only Aussie to take part in the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final starting tomorrow in London.

He’s top 32 in the world. So you better get practising if you want to make it pro. 😉

“I never could have imagined that the game would be where it is today, or that I would be signing a professional eSports contract with a club like Melbourne City.”