The summer’s biggest transfer; Neymar’s move to PSG, was decided well in advance, according to FC Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique.

Pique claims that the final straw came at Leo Messi’s wedding where a group of PSG players, including Neymar’s fromer Barca teammate Dani Alves, convinced him that a move to Paris was the correct decision. And all of that was back in June, a full month and a half before the transfer was officially announced.

“There was a group of players that tried to convince him to stay and the day I wrote the tweet (actually an instagram post) ‘he stays’ I knew he was going,” Pique told reporters. “I knew it was the last shot I had, to use social media and public opinion to try and convince him to stay.”

The now infamous instagram post captioned ‘Se Queda’ which translates into ‘He Stays’, caused a heap of speculation around Neymar deciding to stay at Barca – only for fans to be dissapointed with the annoucement of his departure just days after.

Back at the end of June, a full month and a half before the trasnfer was officially announced, Pique claims that Neymar’s mind to move to Paris was made up.

“It was to try and help this club, to try and retain a player that for me is unique, with unique talent,” added Pique.

“I knew it would be very difficult because it was a decision he had taken a while ago and it wasn’t possible, but at least I tried.”

Can’t blame a man for trying.