Surely not.

We’ve heard many claims around the transfer rumour-mill, and this writer even declared that he never thought it possible for Neymar to join PSG. But this surely has to be the biggest, juiciest rumour (or trumour) we’ve had the chance to sink our teeth into.

Overnight, Twitter got a little excited about some new chatter concerning the future location of Sweedish and Manchester United superstriker; Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

A certrain journo from Eurosport believe to think that the A-League’s Melbourne City FC are the front-runners to sign Zlatan, in what would be a significnat coup for the league.


To add fuel to the fire, Melbourne City CEO Scott Munn has been caught in the act of recently following Zlatan on Twitter.


Will Zlatan head to Melbourne? A lot of the arguement for his potential arrival exists around the City Football Group looking to put a significnat PR investment into Australia; just like they’ve done in the United States with Pirlo and David Villa.

We’ll keep our ear to the ground, but this still feels like it’s in the realm of ‘probs not’. ;/