Hackers get wrecked. 

I think everyone has experienced the feeling of absolute rage when they can’t get tickets or shoes because they have sold out. It’s even worse when you see them go up on Ebay for double the price just minutes later.

Our frustration is their joy, as they profit thousands of dollars into their own pockets. However what happens when the tables turn? How do the public react? Especially when it’s over 80 pairs of Yeezy’s.

A bunch of lucky adidas fans managed to get their hands on a pair of adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Zebras’ via the Confirmed app. adidas confirmed app gives you access to the most anticipated sneaker releases.

Although most in China were left disappointed on Wednesday, when the majority of the stock seemed to have disappeared.

It resulted in an angry mob of teenagers tracking down the two hackers and kicking the living sh** out of them. What’s even more amazing, is that this noble bunch didn’t even take a pair for themselves.