Remember a few years back when British comedian Simon Brodkin threw a stack of cash towards Sepp Blatter, claiming to represent North Korea’s bid for a World Cup?

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Well (somehow) it appears that Brodkin’s efforts may come to fruition in the near future, with news breaking today that North Korea is considering joining a bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

The Guardian is today reporting South Korean President Moon Jae-in, in recent meetings with FIFA and other Asian nations, strongly encouraged North Korea to become a joint-bidder to host the World Cup in 2030. South Korea has for sometime now been weighing up its chances in preparing a bid for the tournament, but has shown a desire to partner with a neighbouring country to split the costs and the tournament.

And yeah… I guess they chose to work with their most hostile one.

“If the neighbouring countries in north-east Asia, including North and South Korea, can host the World Cup together, it would help to create peace in North and South Korea as well as north-east Asia. I would like President Infantino to have interests on this matter,” the South Korean president’s spokesperson told the Guardian.

A summer of football with Kim Jong & his communist buddies… Who could think of a more compatible partner for FIFA than the world’s most hostile dictatorship!