I think I’ve watched the replay of Roberto Carlos’ insane free kick about 1000 times and I still can’t work out how he produced so much curve on that ball. 😲

The date was June 03 1997 and Brazil were scheduled for a friendly against France in preparation for the 1998 World Cup. To be fair, not much was happening in the first half. Then stepped up Roberto Carlos. Brazil were awarded a free kick 40 yards out from goal. What followed was a strike that defied physics. 

Carlos took an incredibly long run up, smashing the ball with the outside of his left foot. It looked like a complete miss hit, as the ball traveled wayward of the goal. Then like a scene out of Happy Gilmore, the ball magically curved left towards goal leaving French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez dumbfounded.


(no seriously, watch the whole thing)

Imagery: Vice Sports