Manchester United fan conspiracy theorists will be all over this when they hear Cristiano Ronaldo misses his time at Old Trafford. 

I mean who wouldn’t have loved it? The fans worshiped him like a god years before his prime.

His move to Real Madrid well and truly carved him into a football god. Although something hasn’t been the same since leaving Manchester United in what feels like a lifetime ago.

Over the course of Ronaldo’s career at Real Madrid, he has been on the receiving end of jeers and whistles from Los Blancos faithful.

The 2016 Ballon d’Or winner admits, the vocal criticism from fans is something he will never get used to. I personally believe Madrid’s unforgiving fans have given Ronaldo motivation and a benchmark to always perform at the highest level.

Ronaldo has always been the honest type, and wasn’t shy in saying that he misses life as a Red Devil.

“I’m very happy being in Spain but obviously I also miss England because you can’t just turn off the memories,” he told Spanish TV La Sexta. 

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CR7- A message to the Haters

“I don’t like it and it’s not normal that they whistle you in your own stadium. I just don’t like it.

“It shouldn’t be the case that a player who always wants to give his best and give 100 per cent for this team, when he makes his first mistake people whistle.

“It’s not correct. And when you are on a difficult run that is when you need extra support from outside, not less. Sometimes we don’t have it.”

Don’t expect this to play a part in the Portuguese star’s future. Ronaldo is likely to play for Madrid into his mid 40’s.

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