Horrible news out of Germany this morning…

Borussia Dortmund’s Champions League quarter-final tie with AS Monaco was forced to be postponed this morning after three bombs exploded near the Dortmund team bus.

Thankfully, no major injuries or casualties have been sighted from the attacks, with the exception to Dortmund’s Marc Bartra who suffered a hand injury. The explosion caused a break in his wrist, of which he is currently undergoing surgery to repair.

However, to stress the non-serverity of the injury; BeIN Sports is reporting that Bartra is a chance to play in the re-scheudled match tomorrow morning AEST (evening European time).

The BBC is reporting the explosions occured at 6.45pm local time and a letter announcing that the attack was indeed targeted for the Dortmund players was found at the scene.

It’s times like these the football community needs to band together in the face of extremism.