Yohan Cabaye to showcase colour changing boots | Visaro 2.0

It looks like Crystal Palace midfielder Yohan Cabaye will be the lucky man to wear New Balance’s Visaro 2.0 boots first in the Premier League. Remember those mood rings everyone would buy in primary school? Well these boots are a little bit like that, when pressure is applied the boot changes colour!

This new colourway has been named The Force, changing from Dark Denim to Ozone Blue during play. It’s a specific boot tailored for attacking midfielders, who play the ‘conductor’ when orchestrating the match-changing moments.

The French midfielder will wear the boots for the first time against Leicester City this weekend. Visaro 2.0 is a revamp of its original predecessor, with enhanced technology, comfort, stability. Play-makers will be able to thread those picturesque through balls, and colour change like a chameleon in the wild!



Ari Charilaou