In a move that will seek to unite North America; the football federations of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America today announced their intentions to run a join-bid for the 2026 World Cup.

In a press conference where the words “historic” and “bold” were thrown around repetitively, the bid team wants 2026 to be the first time a World Cup is hosted across three countries.

Moreover – it’ll be the first time a World Cup has 48 participating teams, in a new format which will see 80 GAMES played 😱😱

We think it’s a jolly grand idea, especially given the rising economic costs major sports events have left on local economies (exhibit Brazil) in addition to the fact that I’d be damn cool to catch a game in Mexico City in the morning and another in LA later that day.

The idea’s apparently so good, even old mate Donald Trump gave it his golden seal of approval… Who would’ve thought!

At the minute, the plan is the USA will host 60 games and 10 games each will be played in Mexico and Canada.

The FIFA timeline to make public the successful bidder is set for 2020. However – the rumour mill is flying that the thinking heads at CONCACAF, the regional federation of which all three nations are members, will be asking FIFA to fast track the bid for acceptance.

Pencil this one in the diary as a road trip for the boys (and girls)! Following on the dull destinations Russia and Qatar are seemingly set to provide as the next two World Cup hosts, we’re gonna need it.


Image: Getty Images 2014