You normally hear of player revolt when there is a toxic environment between the team and the manager. This wasn’t the case for Leicester, shocking the world with news of Claudio Ranieri’s sacking. Foxes defender Danny Simpson revealed that players grew extremely frustrated with Ranieri’s diet alteration this season.

“After games, we would have chicken burgers and potato wedges and he then changed them to sweet potatoes and pasta,” Simpson told The Times.

“I understand his point but the lads liked what we were used to, chicken and wedges.”

If your manager wins you a Premier League title, you eat the sweet potatoes and pasta. It’s the sort of story has all of us scratching our heads, as to how the fairy-tale came to this.

“It went crazy. We were getting it from all angles, even from some of our own fans. We were called snakes,” he said.

“It was disappointing to see Claudio leave and we got that much stick it made us angry. We felt it was unjustified.”

Sorry Danny, but if chicken and wedges are the reason for result, we are pretty sure it was justified.

So with this new piece of information revealed, was Claudio Ranieri’s sacking justified or are the Leicester players a bunch of sooks?