This is more than just a football rivalry. A country split into two has seen two sides of Korea, North and South separated for over half a century. For the first time in history, these two teams will play a competitive match in North Korea. 

South Korea will wave their flag for the first time in neighboring territory, as their women’s team face hosts North Korea in 2018 AFC Asian Cup Qualification.

Previously, the two countries have always been played on neutral grounds. Both countries have technically been at war for over 50 years, as no peace treaty has ever been signed.

North Korea is host for all games in Group B of qualifying. South Korean coach Yoon Duk-Yeo is preparing his players for a hostile crowd at the Kim-Il-Sung stadium. Duk-Yeo is no stranger to what’s about to come. He played against North Korea in the 1990 unification game won by North. He has reportedly installed speakers at a training ground to recreate the potential crowd noise the players will encounter.

With this being said, 5000 North Korean’s stood for South Korea’s anthem against India.

“Singing the national anthem is always special when you’re representing the country, but today, it was really special,” midfielder Lee Min-a said.

 The two countries play today, and is sure to make headlines in the days to come.