Suprised? Surely not 😂. Leicester star striker Jamie Vardy had to be talked out of becoming an Ibiza party rep in 2012. 

Vardy’s early days at Leicester were no fairy-tale. The Englishman struggled with the transition from Fleetwood town to giants in comparison – Leicester City.

Luckily, Vardy made the right choice to stay at The Foxes. The 30 year old went on to win a Premier League title with Leicester and make 16 appearances for England.

Takeover boss Craig Shakespeare told Skysports how close Vardy came to calling it quits.

“At that time Jamie would be the first to admit he was going through a rough patch,” Shakespeare told Sky Sports.

“Myself Nigel and Steve sat him down and told him about his attributes and that we thought he could go on.”

“Thankfully he didn’t go to Ibiza and it’s fair to say he made the right decision, considering how well he has done.