Whether you like it or not, video technology is the way of the future for the A-League. This season has arguably seen some of the worst refereeing in the A-League’s history. Far too many ‘match deciding’ refereeing errors could have been overruled just by looking up at the big screen. Of course that hasn’t been allowed until now.

The A-League will soon introduce their new hawk-eye technology, which will come into effect in round 26.

Referee’s are only human, and we love to hate them when our team is on the wrong end of a call. But the truth is, video technology will only benefit refs from making crucial mistakes like Chris Beath did in the Sydney Derby on Saturday night.

We are quite behind the eight ball compared to the rest of the world. Many leagues including the MLS have already introduced Video Assistant Referees.

Just last night, former Barcelona star David Villa was sent off for New York City FC after VAR’s was used.


What do you think? Will video technology enhance the standard of A-League refereeing?