We always knew football was big business with millions of $$$$ flying into the pockets of Europe’s big boys… And who can blame them? Football sells 😏

But the account of one football club is expected to gain a few more 000’s through a deal labelled the “biggest in the history of football.”


American sportswear company ‘Under Armour’ appear keen to extend their reach into the football market with a kit deal with Real Madrid estimated to be worth $160 million per year. 

Under Armour have made small strides into football thus far; kitting out Tottenham Hotspur and releaseing a few boot silos, headlined by Memphis DePay. However, this new deal would well and truly cement them as a permenant player.

Adidas who are Los Blancos’ current kit supplier have held the rights since 1998 and have enjoyed a ‘positive’ relationship with the Spansh club. Although, according to Forbes, the multi-million dollar deal has been tabled to Madrid with a proposed duration of 10 years.

That’s a lot of  💸💸💸💸.