Are English fans at risk of another bloodbath at the 2018 World Cup in Russia? 

Last years European Championships in France saw dozens of Russian fans arrested after multiple targeted attacks on English fans.

Recently released BBC documentary ‘Russia’s Hooligan Army’ contains threats of more attacks on the English. The revealing footage contains interviews with members of the Gladiators firm of Spartak Moscow – a firm responsible for the Marseille attacks.

Denis from the “Orel Butchers” states that things are almost certain to kick off again between Russian and English fans.

“They can come over and we’ll see.” 

“Somebody will obviously try to do something, that is like 100 per cent – 100 per cent guaranteed.”

“Have a family and children around you or something. If you are there with your male friends you should calculate on getting your a*** kicked.”


Our team at The Turf were lucky enough to head down to the Euros in France, although our eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing as horrific events unraveled in Marseille.

The Stade Vélodrome looked more like a warzone, as 150 Russian fans stormed towards English supporters. The attacks left two English fans in coma’s after bars and chairs were used as weapons.

Off the field is another story but we won’t go into that.

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The footage contains an interview with one man who missed the Euros due to the birth of his fifth child.

I was at my country house drinking cider and awaiting the birth of my fifth child,” he said.

“I wish I had been in Marseille the moment everything kicked off. When 150 Spartans, hooligans from all over Russia went there and f***** all these English. These drunk chavs from Luton, Leeds and other English s***holes.