Recently, THE TURF and Aleks Jason caught up with former Melbourne Victory player, Luc Jeggo. Since leaving Green Gully FC last year, Jegoo moved to Norway to ply his trade for Florø SK.

On a recent trip back to Melbourne Luc told us what was on his mind:

TURF: What’s your football story?


  • I was born in Austria with two English parents, brother joined a club – wanted by the coach at the age of six, mum made the deal with said coach that if the club wanted Jimmy they would have to take me on board. At the age four it all started. Playing football on the streets of Australia
  • Few offers from a few clubs, life as always decided to change as my father was offered a job here in Australia. We moved over to Melbourne, joined Green Gully – later on with VIS.
  • Worked my way through the tough world of football and got myself a half scholarship with Victory, few months down the track earned a full scholarship. Worked my up as to be the Youth Captain at Victory. Spent at least 2 years, at the age of 19 – Ange Postecogelu joined Victory, the same season as the Liverpool friendly at the MCG. Made my onto the bench after one of the best pre-seasons I have ever had personally. Finally got my big moment in front of my home town against footballers like Suarez and Steven Gerrard.
  • Few injuries at Victory which allowed myself to make the senior squad, sadly I ended up with an injury as well and missed out a lot of first team football.
  • Sustained another injury, ACL and MCL. Worked hard and pushed myself to get back on my feet, joined Green Gully in the NPL and got myself back into shape.
  • I decided to leave Australia and head out to Europe

What are some of your inspirations?

  • At a young age my brother as most know was diagnosed with Leukaemia and that itself had to be an inspiration, to be there for him and watch his recovery. To now become the professional footballer that he is.


Football is a tough game, was there ever a moment that made you want the game more?

  • I remember working in a call centre every day, saving up as much as i could to get myself back to Europe. Id do anything for football. Training 3 nights a week with Gully and personally keeping myself fit during the off days before and after work. It all pays off in the end.


You attempted Hungary first?

  • I decided to fly over and trial with a club in Hungary, sadly that didn’t work out as I had wished. luckily I have a contact over there that hosted me.


How long were you in Europe? what did you get up to?

  • About 3 or so months in Hungary, decided to visit England. Had a trial with Kittaminster FC(English 5th Div). Stambolziev is currently there. I almost signed, but i wanted to see what else I could get. I had to hustle around, few months in England and I moved around to find the best place. Moved around Scandinavia, a lot of Aussies are up there. Things fell into place, a club in Norway needed a player and we linked up.


How was Kittaminster?

  • We versed West Brom in a friendly, the club officials were interested but i feel if I was a little younger. The offer would have been ready.


How was that leap of faith?

  • Flew over in a small plane, first game with the club was against a Tippelega club in quite a large stadium. Training and playing everyday, it was what I wanted. Learned so much and now calling Norway home.


Describe the town?

  • Ten thousand population, a small town who have accepted me and taught me a lot of the past few months. A lot of people I can consider family.


How was the first few months with Flora SK?

  • I picked up a small injury during the start, it was a little tough being a foreigner with an injury. You could get replaced any time. Medical attention would require me to fly interstate, but we did what we had to do.
  • I finally returned back into the starting 11, the club was on a run which made it a challenge for me to make my way back. I ended up scoring about 4 goals. As a centre midfielder, I had to take every opportunity.


Whats your next goal, individual and at the club?

  • The club is only one promotion away from the top tier Tippelega, so getting that at next seasons end (2016/17) would be the best way for me to reach a greater goal for myself and the club.
  • Personally id like to work hard and get a few good games under my belt, hope to cut it in the top four leagues in the world over the next few years.


Has your style football changed over the years?

  • During my time at Victory I was usually playing a direct defensive position. On the wing at left or right back and at times as a defensive midfielder. In Norway, Im more of a luxury number 10. And thats the thing about playing overseas, you need to adapt to be able to stand our or even survive in the football world.


Has the club/players or even the clubs fans given you a nickname?

  • Kind of, I may have stolen it. But as I score I have decided to do the kangaroo hop as a joke of course.

Which footballer did you admire growing up? Who was your footballing idol?

  • it always changed as I got older, Scholes or Gerrard.


Favourite football moment?

  • Gerrards performance against West Ham in the cup
  • Macheda scoring for Manchester United against Aston Villa when he made his debut, I remember my brother calling me after it happened. We were going nuts.


Do you cry for Football/ does football effect your day to day life?

  • At the moment, it’s for the club I play for. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. Only those games could effect my day or mood.


Favourite pair of boots?

  • Chopped and changed, i wore way to many colourful boots. I wanted all the fancy boots. If Ronaldo had them, I needed them.


Favourite jersey you own?

  • To be honest, Joe Allen when we swapped at the MCG post match against Liverpool. His an awesome footballer, and actually one I admire.

Pele or Maradona?

  • Maradona!

World Cup or Euros?

  • World Cup.



  • MLS but the A-League is catching up


Favourite football documentary

  • AFC Bournemouth or “5 year plan” a story about QPR


Current Australian footballer doing well?

  • Tom Rogic, he tore Man City apart! He is majestic


Favourite song now and classic?

  • I found my song in Norway! Earth Wind and Fire – September


Play FIFA? 

  • My brother and I always do manager mode, we took Arsenal to the Champions League final

Anything personal you want to mention?

  • Australia really needs to work on their pathways, too many footballers go on to be forgotten or neglected.
  • I would like to see more Australians taking risks and going overseas without a worry.
  • A-League giving more of the Youth League a chance in the A-League
  • Instead of spending your savings on holidays, go overseas and trial and train.