Brøndby IF and the Danish FA have successfully developed a ‘safe flare’ prototype. We could soon be seeing flares legalised in Europe and throughout the world.

There is no doubt that flares play a key factor in the underlying issues surrounding ‘ultra violence’. This invention could stamp out any threat that flares have to public health.

The DFF and Brondby are in cooperation with pyrotechnician Tommy Cordsen to create a product that abides by safe fireworks law.

When ignited, flares can burn from 191 °C to 1,600 °C.

Brøndby has felt the full force of ‘flare violence’ in recent history. In 2010, ten fans were arrested and more hospitalised after Brøndby and rival Copenhagen fans threw flares at each other.

The banning of flares around the world has done little to stop Ultra Groups from using them. Similar to Tifos, flares add to the stadiums colour and are often used throughout Europe.


Brøndby IF’s security chief, Mickel Lauritsen says:

“Our objective has been to identify a product that can fully replace the pyrotechnic products used today.”

“This work has so far resulted in a product that meets a number of the requirements of the various stakeholders.” 

The new and improved match day flares will be available in different colours. Brøndby SLO Lasse Bauer says the flare temperature will be low enough that one can drive a hand through the flame.

Cordsen says he is still a long way off from creating a flare that can match the strong luminescence of a normal flare.

Would you support Brøndby’s new innovation?