How do you leave one of the biggest software companies red-faced? Just ask these four 24 year old’s who made $16 million in the space of two years. 

Lets flash back to 2013. Popular FIFA game mode ‘FIFA Ultimate team’ was in it’s fourth year since its inception and it had taken off like wildfire. Just like anything popular that becomes a worldwide addiction, gamer’s were willing to pay top dollar to be the best.

The aim of Ultimate team is to produce the worlds strongest team using in-game player cards. The rarer the card, the more expensive the player costs, resulting in a high demand for more game coins.  Game coins can be won through winning games online, whilst another avenue is to buy coins direct from EA’s FIFA store.

This is where Californian man Anthony Clark and his three accomplices come into play. The four hackers came up with an ingenious plan to infiltrate EA’s FIFA source code to produce their own hacking software. With this information, the men were able to con EA’s servers to create thousands of FIFA accounts that could rack up a cheeky 67 million coins in under an hour.

With the bank account booming, the men were living the high life buying Audi A3s and Ford Explorers. It was only a matter of time until someone took notice.

In terms of cyber hacking notoriety, these four men are kings. In the real world, the wire fraud case led by the FBI and IRS could land them behind bars.

All four men have pleaded guilty to the crimes, and will be sentenced on February 27th 2017.

Someone should think about making a movie on this. Doesn’t look like it will be a happy ending for these lads.


Read the Department of Justice statement here.