Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has finally brought light on the Bastian Schweinsteiger issue that has caused such a stir as of late.

The German World Cup winner has been exiled from the Red Devils first team since March. Mourinho’s poor treatment of the midfielder has resulted in backlash from the football community.

Schweinsteiger was left out of with the first team to Istanbul for United’s Europa League clash with Fenerbahçe.

Mourinho admits that there are no gaps to fill in the midfield, but hasn’t ruled out a return for the veteran.

“It’s a decision based on the fact that we are in a period of the season where it’s really difficult to train with everyone together,” Mourinho said on United’s website. 

“Looking at Bastian and the way he was working professionally with the fitness coach, we think that it’s a human decision, a professional decision, to bring him back to the team. He’ll be much better prepared and in much better condition in case his future decision is to leave the club; he’ll be much better prepared for competition if he stays with us.” 

“It becomes one more option. At the moment, we have no problems in midfield like we have in defence but, if we have problems in midfield, it’s another option for us. It’s a human decision based on the training numbers and methods, but also a decision that can be positive for the group. It’s positive for us and for him.”