Two best mates from the Gold Coast, Shane Primrose and Adam Harrison both share the same passion for football, and the desire to help people. They met on the football field and haven’t looked back since.

Life changed for Primrose at 16 years of age. A trip to Calcutta (Kolkata) to work with Mother Theresa’s missionaries of Charity shaped Shane’s vision for the future. His eyes had been opened to the struggles of the world and his mission was just beginning.

The entrepreneurs started up their organization ‘Good Football’ in 2014, where they support less fortunate kids in Australia. For every ball they sell, one is donated to support children in need. This year they partnered up with 2016 charity partner Their current running project provides support and donations to Indigenous communities in Outback Australia.


“We have been really lucky to visit the places we have been able go to, and do some volunteer work,” Shane told THE TURF.

“Good football is a way to combine our love of football and a real desire to help.” 

Their passion and drive to give back to the community hasn’t gone unnoticed in the football world. Professional football players from the A-League, W-League and Socceroos have all given their support to ‘Good Football’.

‘Those sorts of endorsements and affiliates really helps boost the profile”, said Shane.

“They’re often heroes and everyone’s aspiring to be like those guys. Alex Smith has been a really big influence for us. He used to play for Wellington Pheonix and also Gold Coast United.”

He’s playing in Malaysia now. We also had a bit of a chat to Socceroo Josh Risdon and he’s happy to spread the word as well .”

‘Good Football’ has already raised approximately $6,600 worth of gear, predominantly to partners Fair Game.

“What they do is help out less fortunate indigenous kids in the community. They also run really cool programs for staying active and healthy eating programs. They also go out to the communities and try and teach the kids the importance of being active and eating the right things.”

Although Primrose and Harrison are already kicking goals, they’re already working on their next international project. Harrison returned from a trip to Namibia earlier this year, where he visited orphanages, hospitals and used it as an educational research tool for future projects.

‘You can never think too big’. That’s the attitude that both of these men share as they look towards their next big project.


“Adam previously spent time in Nepal just before the quakes hit, we are expanding into kit sales (uniforms and jerseys).”

“Through football kit sales, we are going to build a school in Nepal in an earthquake affected area. That’s our next big project we are working on and trying to tackle.”

“Our long term goals are to have a fully functional football store so we can support all areas of the game, and do everything as ethically as we possibly can, and help out as many as we can along the way through our product sales.”

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. Sport can awaken hope where previously there was only despair.” – Nelson Mandela 


Photography Credit: Goalpoast United