Christmas came early for The Turf after we received an early release of FIFA 17 last week. We can definitely say it’s the best one yet!

There is no doubt that FIFA game play has changed drastically since last years edition. The inclusion of new game engine Frostbite has certainly transformed FIFA for the better.

Passing is now more slick, although the game focus’s more on build up play. Shooting is also refined, and the goals you score are never the same as the last like previous FIFA games. Players are now much more active off the ball and react to the play with more intelligence.

Set pieces have been given a full rewrite. Free kicks can be taken in a number of different ways. You can run up and hit the ball like Ronaldo, or strike the ball with the outside of the boot like Roberto Carlos. There is nothing you cannot do.

Corners have changed from last year. EA has added a yellow cursor which makes corner taking much more accurate. Penalties will be the hardest thing to get used to. The added control on your players run up is more realistic but actually makes penalties harder to take.

We had a crack at FIFA’s new story mode – The Journey, Career mode and FIFA Ultimate Team.




Fans have been patiently waiting years for a FIFA story mode and it is finally here.

The Journey – featuring Alex Hunter, literally takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the life of a footballer. The decisions you make off the field, combined with your on-field performance dictates the path Alex Hunter takes. We selected Manchester United on legendary mode. You join the club with your lifelong friend Gareth Walker. We won’t spoil the twists and turns through the journey, but we can say the 16 hours of game-play has definitely left us wanting more. One criticism of the game mode is that your players rating stays at 75 on Ultimate team, and despite scoring in the first four games, you get loaned out to a Championship club.



Career mode has been revamped and is much more realistic than previous versions. At last you can actually see the managers on the sidelines showing emotion. Real life managers have also been added to the game – so while your smashing Manchester United 4-0, you can see gaffer Jose Mourinho losing it on the touchline.


Manager mode now lets you change your managers avatar, and tinker with brand exposure and finances in much more detail. Your managers popularity now comes into play, and will effect your job security. image_0-img

The J-League has also been added to the game, which has been long overdue. We also have the return of the Brazilian league after it was taken out from last years FIFA. The one negative we still have about manager mode is that there is no Asian Champions League, which sucks for anyone managing an A-League team.



Ultimate team has no doubt become the most popular game mode on FIFA. Why change what’s not broken? EA has kept the same structure for Ultimate team, whilst adding squad building challenges, giving players an added incentive win coins and rewards. EA has also added FUT Champions, which is a weekly league to compete for the best rewards against the best players in the game.

Overall, FIFA 17 is the most detailed, realistic and enjoyable football game ever released. The Turf will be going live with our FIFA Ultimate team this week.

WARNING: Playing the game can result in high levels of addiction. 

Photos courtesy of Electronic Arts.