NIKE has designed a’wine inspired’ football boot in celebration of Andrea Pirlo’s incredible career. Everyone is talking about the limited edition boots, which look to be the classiest of them all.

Pirlo made over 400 combined appearances for AC Milan and Juventus, winning six Serie A titles, two Champions League titles and a World Cup with Italy. The 37 year old midfielder now plays for New York City FC in the MLS.


Picture: NIKE
Picture: NIKE

The Italian star is known for being one of the most elegant and creative players on the football field. His passion for quality wine is no different. The Merlot coloured boot pays homage to Pirlo’s deep love for wine. In 2007, Pirlo and his father took over ‘Pratum Coller‘, a large winery in northern Italy. NIKE explain that Pirlo’s infatuation for wine dates back to his childhood in Flero, where he grew up harvesting grapes at local vineyards.

The boot features four stars on the heel and sole which represent Italy’s World Cup titles and the winery’s logo. The inner sole of the boot writes “aged since ’94′”, marking Pirlo’s debut season with Brescia. The boot is showcased in a wooden crate, just like a well preserved bottle of wine.

Picture: NIKE

NIKES’ Tiempo Pirlo boots will be made available to the public on the 19th of September.