Referees were forced to suspend play for 20 minutes during a Serbian league match between Novi Pazar and Red Star Belgrade. 

Things spiralled out of control in the stands following a horrible red card challenge from the away team. A reckless kick to the face from Red Star striker Predrag Sikimic saw home goalkeeper Mladen Zivkovic rushed to hospital.

Fans threw broken seats and directed fireworks at the Red Star bench. Gabonese midfielder Guelor Kanga was victim to a number of racist chants from Pazar fans. Referees had no choice but to suspend play for 20 minutes in the second half.


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Novi Pazar manager – Zoran Marić

“I regret that the match, which was supposed to be a treat for the fans, boiled over and turned into something unfamiliar with sport.”

Red Star manager – Miodrag Božovic

“Chaos was on the cards after the home players’ volatile reaction to the penalty awarded to us.”