Football Federation Australia Chief Executive Officer David Gallop has hammered Brisbane Roar after failing to pay club employees before monthly deadline. 

The crisis surrounding Indonesian club owners The Bakrie Group has dragged on for over a year. The Bakrie Group managed to obtain their A-League licence, after convincing the FFA of their long term goals to recapitalise Brisbane Roar.

An FFA statement in June read:

“The Bakrie Group has advised FFA that it has appointed an Australian-based Managing Director to the Brisbane Roar. This director will act as interim CEO and commence in the role this week while the club seeks a permanent appointment as CEO.”

Since Daniel Cobb’s appointment as Managing Director, the club has remained stagnant. It may give Gallop no choice but to intervene.

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“It’s unacceptable that the Brisbane Roar are once again having issues with the payment of monthly payroll,” Gallop said.

“We have received firm undertakings from the owners and the current managing director about a recapitalisation of the club’s operations.

“We expect these undertakings to be delivered, and so do the players, coaches, members, sponsors and all in the Roar family.

“We’ve seen late payments a number of times over the past year, but FFA can’t be expected to tolerate that as the normal state of affairs for Brisbane Roar.”



Cobb blamed “technical issues” for the late payment.

“I’m having to process them manually as we speak”, Cobb told The Courier Mail


It’s an excuse that the FFA won’t tolerate, as fans grow more frustrated with all parties involved. It’s caused multiple protests, majorly effecting crowd numbers at games.