EA Sports have released new manager mode features for FIFA 17.

For the first time ever, players will be able to customize their manager to their liking. Players will have the option of selecting their managers face avatar and will see the managers action from the sideline.

Financial System

You will now be able to track where all your money is coming and going in the club. Player will be able to track profits, earnings, expenditure like never before.

Merchandise revenue, media, youth facilities, contracts for scouts and travel can all be customized to preference.


Manager mode objectives are now specific to every clubs short and long term goals. For example – An objective for AC Milan will be the owners pumping big money into transfers and the youth system to bring the club back to it’s glory days.

EA Sports will also introduce the Japanese ‘J-League’ into FIFA for the first time.


A recently uploaded Youtube video by FIFAGamers has stirred up speculation over an online career mode for FIFA 17.

The Youtube channel somehow got hold of an early copy of FIFA 17, showing the newly introduced online manager mode.

Funnily enough, EA have not mentioned anything about a new online manager mode.