Manchester United are hailing young 17 year old Callum Gribbin as the next best thing. 

Gribbin has been starring for the Manchester United under 19’s team, scoring a ridiculous goal against F.C Barcelona.

The attacking midfielder produced a goal to behold, dancing around four defenders before leaving the keeper dumbfounded. Gribbin looks like the real deal, possessing the diverse ability to play in a range of different attacking positions.


United went on to win 2-1 against Barcelona in the Otten Cup in Eindhoven. Former coach Kenny Swain shared these nice words about the Salford-born teenager.

“I heard about Gribbs through our scouting network. Everyone would say, ‘You have to see this lad, he is similar to this player, or that player. Then I’d go and look at him, then within five minutes, you can see that this boy is something special,” said Swain. 

“Not many kids can deal with him or want to deal with him. He just sends them the wrong way and makes them look foolish. He leaves me breathless.”

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It’s rare to find a player these days that can out dribble and leave defenders quaking in their boots. Gribbin shares a gift that only a handful of players possess, one of them being Lionel Messi. Unlike many other players that depend on pace, Gribbin has no trouble turning defenders inside out with his world class dribbling.

Could we see Callum Gribbin feature for Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United this season?