Rumours regarding Leo Messi’s playing career have intensified over the previous few months after he announced his retirement from the Argentinian National Team. Since June, the sentiment that Messi is also looking to part ways with his childhood club, FC Barcelona have swept up European media outlets into a frenzy.

Today, Manchester City is currently being touted as a potential destination for Messi should he chose to leave Barcelona.

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This comes from The Express, who have quoted former Barca president, Joan Laporta saying, “there are certain powers who want Messi to no longer be a Barca player.”

“The club has let the player down, the best player in history, the best player in the world. We have a president and a board that didn’t accompany him when he had to testify in court,” Laporta continued, referring to Messi’s recent tax evasion court hearing.

The report continues to suggest that City were “realistic” about their (very, very slim) chance of signing the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner and that City management couldn’t see Messi leaving Catalonia anytime soon.

Earlier this month new Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola swatted down claims of Messi arriving in Manchester, telling the press, “He’s not a bad player, this guy, but I am sorry, Messi has to stay in Barcelona for the rest of his career.”

Sorry Manchester City fans. Messi to Manchester City is no more than a big fat rumour… for now?

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