If you’re in Paris for the Euros, make sure you don’t miss visiting football pop-up art-gallery Le Ballon.

We spent the entire day at La Galerie du Ballon, and can tell you first hand that there is nothing like it. The temporary pop-up gallery incorporates a unique blend of football culture, art, music and fashion.

On entry, we were greeted like true Australians with a cold beer and a tour of the gallery. The garments are all designed by international renowned artists who modelled their work on the unconventional side of football. The worlds best football books and magazines are all up on display and for sale.

The greatest thing about this place is that you don’t have to like football to appreciate the gallery. Gallery team member Ulysee spoke to us about how Le Ballon’s ideology has brought together a whole world of people.


“Le Ballon brings together a community of people from all walks of life. Football can be expressed in many different ways through art, music, culture and that is what we want to show people. Le Ballon isn’t just a gallery, it’s a hang out for people to relax, chill and enjoy. We like you to feel at home here”. 

The best part of Le Ballon is no doubt the exclusive customisation lab powered by Avery Dennison. Here you can customise your very own football kit to your liking. With over 100 badges and crests, the opportunities are endless.

In celebration of Euro 2016 in France, artists designed their own inspired badge for every team in the competition. IMG_0407



Le Ballon football league has brought together artists, musicians, designers, authors and photographers from all around Paris. Each of the eight teams in the League wear their own custom designed kit and crest.

The power of football has created waves of love in Paris, and the construction of something truly beautiful.