EA Sports have aired FIFA 17’s new and improved Set Piece innovation, featuring Real Madrid striker James Rodriguez and it looks unreal! 

Finally the time has come FIFA gamer’s! Players will now have ultimate control over set pieces like never before. EA have never really mastered this aspect of their game, which has caused many fans to demand change.

Using innovative in motion-capture gear for FIFA 17, players will be able to determine their run up, spin on the ball and even which side of the foot the player hits the ball.

It almost seemed impossible to score a corner on FIFA 16, but now that has been completely rewritten with the aim mechanism being brought back!

EA have also introduced new features for throw ins, where a player will be able to perform fake throws and send players on dummy runs to put off opponents.


EA Sports have also included a story mode for FIFA 17 – The Journey features young gun Alex Hunter who dreams of becoming the next best thing in the Premier League. Players will be able to alter the players pathway, choosing any Premier League club, to agents and life decisions.

FIFA 17 will be released on September 29 worldwide.