Yes you heard that right, if you’re a gamer you can now be signed to a professional football club!

It’s a dream come true for young 18 year old Kieran ‘Kez’ Brown, who has been signed as Manchester City’s first eSports player.

Brown made his name through his popular Youtube channel, where he live streams his FIFA game-play and connects with fans online. After hitting 10,000 subscribers, Brown received an offer that he couldn’t refuse.

man city fifa player

“This is an opportunity which not many people get the chance to do and I couldn’t turn it down,” said Brown. 

What is eSports? 

eSports has evolved into one of the most popular platforms for online gaming. Thousands of players compete and spectate online to earn themselves a place on the worlds biggest stage.

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eSports host tournaments which have smashed the attendance figures. In 2013, League of Legends World Championships was held in front of a sold-out Staples Centre. 2014 saw Korea host a fan attendance of 40,000 including opening and closing ceremonies!

Could the game soon be bigger than the real thing?…


Popular Football Youtube sensations have become the hot trend for football clubs. West Ham United were another club to sign an eSports player – ‘Sean “Dragonn Allen, as well as Germans VfL Wolfsburg making some signings of their own.

Brown will be producing content for Manchester City’s social accounts through his game-play, a dream job for any young teenager.


“It’s exciting; it’s something new for the club and it’s something new for me.”

“I’m going to live-stream on Twitch, I’m going to be making videos for Manchester City’s YouTube channel and I’m going to be playing some City fans and representing City in future tournaments, which I’m looking forward to.”

If your dream to become the next Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t quiet work out, this could be the perfect alternative.