Croatian manager Ante Cacic has condemned the actions from a minority of Croatian fans in the active supporters end in the match against Czech Republic today. 

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Fans threw flares onto the pitch, and were involved in several spot fights around the active area. The match had to be put to a halt by English referee Mark Clattenburg after several flares were thrown onto the pitch.

In Croatia’s post match press conference, Cacic was quick to stamp his disapproval of the ‘hooligan supporters’.

  “I’m sorry these are not real Croatian supporters. These are terrorists. These are sport terrorists and they do what they want to do. I’m sorry but we have so much experience with that it hurts so much,” he said. 

The likely the reasoning behind the shameful events is due to a demonstration made by a section of Dinamo Zagreb fans, after the former Executive Chairman Zdravko Mamić was reportedly involved in an illegal withdrawal of at least 70 million kuna from Dinamo.

Mamić is now a Croatian Football Administrator, which has caused uproar from many Croatian fans.

Zagreb based journalist Aleksandar Holiga was quick to given his opinion on the issue.

I call them hooligans these are not supporters, they are hooligans,” said Cacic

Croatia were dominating for the majority of the game, before the stoppage in play turned the whole game on its head. .

” I have to congratulate my team, they played really well. The game was stopped, we lost some energy on calming the supporters. Our players have some friends and families on the stands and you cannot be focused on the pitch after what has happened”

“Our players are really sad after these things happened. They are so proud to wear the Croatian shirt, they play for Croatian people and what I can say now is that we are very very sad.”

UEFA will review the incident tomorrow, taking into account Clattenburg’s referee’s report of the game.