One brother starts up front for Belgium, while the other will sit the bench against Italy today in Lyon. 

Thing’s have worked out for brother Romelu and Jordan Lukaku. It’s not often you can say that in a cut-throat football world that is so competitive.

Both players were a product of Anderlecht’s youth academy in Belgium and have flourished ever since.

You would think that Romelu Lukaku is boarder-lining veteran status, after scoring over 80 goals in his career so far. He’s only 23, and is the first choice front man for Belgium. The striker is at the prime of his career for club side Everton F.C in the English Premier League.

His younger brother Jordan, plays the opposite role in defence for Belgian Pro League side Oostende. His solid season in 2015/16 was rewarded with Euro 2016 selection for Belgium.

In a past interview with FIFA, Jordan Lukaku described the feeling of siding with his brother for his country.

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“We’ve obviously been dreaming of a moment like that ever since we were little, ever since we played in the youth teams.”

“It means a lot to play in the Diables Rouges jersey, but the chance to play alongside your brother too makes it even more special.”

Jordan is yet to show his true potential to the world, despite representing his nation at every age level.

Both brothers share a close bond that they hope will one day be converted into club level.

The first time the two paired up at national level they combined to score a stunning goal in their 2-1 friendly loss to Portugal. Just a sign of their perfect chemistry.

“The ultimate dream would be to do that in the same club,” Romelu told Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure.

“No, I’m not going to call (KV Oostende president) Marc Coucke in order to move to Oostende. It’s rather Jordan who’s going to join me.”