In all my years of watching football, I have seen a lot of controversial decisions that have been for and against my teams. But as a neutral fan watching Brazil v Peru, I don’t think I have seen anything as bad as this. 

Peru may as well have paid the referee to jib the match, because this decision or lack there of deserves to be investigated.

Raul Ruidiaz found himself on the end of a cross, and to his credit disguised his shot to look like he had hit it on the volley. At first glance it was hard to tell, but replays clearly showd Ruidiaz handling the ball in with his whole arm.

Brazilian players sprinted over to the Uruguayan referee Andres Cunha, who took his time to overlook the decision.

He is seen discussing the decision with a fourth ref on his attached microphone, but decided to let the goal stand.

Now fair enough that Maradona’s goal stood, due to the day and age of the World Cup and the lack of technology. But for something like this to happen today, especially in the circumstances that saw Brazil eliminated, there is no excuse. Replay reviews must be implemented in football, and this is the reason why.

It is Peru’s first win over Brazil in 30 years and one that will make history books for more than just that reason. This goal has already been named Hand of God II.