This month, Nike has released a reimagined Mercurial Superfly with one focus in mind; speed. Through a renewed focus on enhancing the performance of every Nike athlete, the new Mercurial is promised to give players that extra edge, especially as the game gets faster.

“It’s like my attitude,” Ronaldo declares about the new Mercurial Superfly, “straightforward and aggressive.”


This has been achieved through an intense focus on moulding the boot, specifically the sole plate, to the foot of the player. By creating a sole that is tight and shaped like the human foot, this allows players feet to move with the boot, not against by reducing the excess space between foot and boot.


The light carbon fibre material used to build the sole plate along with a repositioning of the studs to allow players to excelerate and brake quickly providing a noticeable difference from previous Mercurials, Nike says.


When THE TURF gave the new Superfly’s a whirl, one thing that stood out to us was how easy it was to put on the boot. As soon as you pulled on the boots and tightened the laces, the boot was instantly moulded to your feet.

So if you’re on the lookout for some new boots this winter, we’d recommend going and trying out a pair of the new Mercurial Superfly’s for yourself.