A football league in Uganda is transforming the lives of former Child Soldiers.

For years, thousands of children in Africa have been caught in the middle of civil war, and forced into a life of a soldier.

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Since 1986, the Lord Resistance Army has abducted over 30,000 children in Northern Uganda. Most of you would have heard of their leader ‘Kony’ from a social media video that went viral from Invisible Children, Inc in 2012.


Many children in the South of Uganda attend school, although the North tells a different story of frequent violence and child soldiers.

Child soldiers often return to their community abused by drugs, sex and violence. The mental damage war has inflicted on children is irreversible for some.

The Kids League in north Uganda is providing many affected children with hope through football.

The non government organization is now one of the biggest youth football competitions in Africa. The development program has brought together a community, who now regularly participate as referees, coaches and administrators.

Through football, children are learning to manage their personal mental battles and taught how to adapt from a military soldier to every day life.

Since its establishment in 2003, TLK has used football to help over 25,000 children in different regions of Uganda and Africa.