Football freestyler John Farnworth has broken the Guiness World Record for the ‘Highest soccer ball dropped and controlled’. 

Farnworth managed to control, juggle and trap a ball that fell from 105ft high from a drone.

The uniquely modified drone is able to grab and drop the ball with its customized robotic arms.

One of the rules in place was that the freestyler must juggle the ball five times before trapping the ball.

Farnworth made this difficult trick look like a piece of cake.

“Setting this world record has been the craziest challenge of my career,” said Farnworth. 

“In training I have suffered bruising to my foot and become familiar with high bridges and car parks across the North West! On the day we have fantastic weather with the exception of tricky cross-winds, which added to the skill required from me and the Batcam drone pilots.”