FC Barcelona have released their new 2016/17 kit with NIKE and it’s a classic! 

The retro style shirt tributes the 25th anniversary of the clubs dominant 1991-92 European campaign.

Barcelona will wear a sponsor-less kit for the first time since the 2005-06 season.


NIKE have elegantly added the Catalans famous red and blue vertical stripes with lighter shades of the same hues.

Embroidered into the right and left cuffs are the infamous Catalan words ‘Un Crit’ and ‘Valen’,- “Our Cry is Bold”-words used in Barcelona’s traditionally sung pre-game anthem“Cant del Barca.

The kit is powered by Nike AeroSwift Technology, which absorbs sweat from the players’ skin. The kit will have more breathing space than ever, integrating a new single and double knit texture allowing the kit to stretch and mold to the players physique.