Despite all the media attention Osama Abdul Mohsen may receive, his goal remains the same,

to re-unite his family.

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Like many others, Mohsen’s family have been split apart after fleeing from his war torn home in Syria.

The ramification’s from the war in Syria have been so enormous, no words can quiet describe the horrors that civilians have encountered.

United Nations Refugee Agency announced in January 2016 that there are 4,597,436 currently registered Syrian refugees.

Osama Abdul Mohsen was one of the many refugees fleeing from Syria through the Hungarian-Syria border. Holding his youngest child in arms, Mohsen was tripped up by a Hungarian reporter Petra László. It was a moment that changed his life forever…

The viral video was seen and shared by millions, thus creating headlines all around the globe. Not long after, Mohsen and two of his children were granted Spanish Visas- an unpremeditated outcome from the media hype surrounding his story.

It became publicly known that Mohsen was in fact a football manager for Al-Fotuwa, a Syrian first division team. This inspired interest from the head of Cenafe to bring Mohsen to the Spanish coaching academy in Getafe.

The Cenafe coaching academy were the essential reason Mohsen and two of his children got through Spanish immigration, and given a chance at a new life. They have provided him with an apartment and even Spanish lessons.

Football has been the root of Mohsen’s happiness since arriving in Spain. Dreams came true for his youngest son Zaid after being invited to meet his idol Cristiano Ronaldo and the Real Madrid squad.

Mohsen also coaches his 18 year old sons local football team.

For those 90 minutes, Mohsen invests his time in his passion, football.

Mohsen was promised that his wife and two children still in Turkey would also be granted visa’s, but over six months on and their has still been no progress.

He won’t stop until he re unites his family.