What makes Juventus such a special club?

Just ask club legend David Trezeguet  

The former French striker scored 171 goals in 318 games for Juve, and is regarded as one of the greatest players to wear the shirt.

Some players go through their entire career without silverware, but some are born winners, just like Trezeguet.

THE TURF caught up with Trezeguet at the MCG, as he promotes Juventus’ trip down under for the International Champions Cup Australia, presented by Audi.

“What makes Juventus such a special club for me is it’s history, And obviously the fact that it’s a winning club with a winning mentality and it’s connection tied to The Agnelli family.”


(L) Edoardo Agnelli-Gianni Agnelli (R)

Juventus have been built off the back of The Agnelli Family- one of Italy’s most powerful business dynasties, owning a large number of companies/businesses, as well as FIAT and most importantly Juventus. 

At only 23 years of age, Trezeguet arrived at Italy’s biggest club as ‘the next big thing’. He had already won two League 1 championships with A.S Monaco and the holy grail of football- a World Cup with France.

Trezeguet praised Le Zebre for keeping him grounded and moulding him into a world class player.

“For me personally, it was a life-changing experience because of my time there for 10 years since I was a young kid. The club helped me grow as a person and as a player to became the most prolific goalscorer ever for the club.” 

Like every player, Trezeguet has had his up and downs during his career. He has felt the highest of highs- scoring the winning golden goal against Italy to win Euro 2000, and the lowest of lows- missing a penalty in the shootout, costing his nation the 2006 World Cup against Italy.


Trezeguet knows the pressures that can bare down on young players representing their nation, and hopes the new generation of Les Bleus can perform under the spotlight.

“We have lost Benzema who is a very important player for us, but we have players that can step up on the big stage. Paul Pogba has been in great form for us (Juve), so I hope he can rise to the challenge for France at the Euros.”

There is no denying the importance of this years competition for the French people. Being crowned champions would do wonders for the host nation, that is still coming to terms with the recent horrific events that occured in November 2015.

“I am very happy for France to be hosting the Euros. There will be a lot of good teams in the Euros this year, but I think we can win the competition especially for our fans. We have the support of the nation behind us and the we have a good record as hosts. It will mean a lot for our people if we can win in our own country.”

Life after football can be difficult for some, but Trezeguet has held his love for the world game close to his heart. The 38 year old retired footballer is now a full time ambassador for Juventus, and strives to promote The Old Lady’s legacy far and wide.

Trezeguet has a huge amount of respect for close friend and former team-mate Alessandro Del Piero and what he has done for football.

“Its amazing how Del Piero factored not just the A-League, but local football here in Australia.”

“This tournament can help when you look atthe big names that have come down under last year with AS Roma, Man City and Real Madrid. This year Juve along with Tottenham and Atletico Madrid. Huge names and it means that there is a mutual commitment for football and for clubs to grow the exposure of football in Australia.”

during the International Champions Cup Australia Media Opportunity at Melbourne Cricket Ground on April 21, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.
during the International Champions Cup Australia Media Opportunity at Melbourne Cricket Ground on April 21, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.