There were absolute scenes at King Power Stadium in Leicester today.

Winning the league on Monday evening thanks to a Chelsea-Tottenham draw, celebrations of Leicester City’s first Premier League championship have been going off all week.

However, today was to be the day the champions got their crown. And in-front of a home crowd, the new champions swiftly put away a compliant Everton 3 – 1 to celebrate the end to a football fairytale.

King Claudio invited world renowned opera voice Andre Bocelli to serenade the home fans win.

Goosebumps right?

Five-minutes in, Jamie Vardy well and truly opened his party with a goal we’ve come accustomed to from him this season. Andy King brought Leicester’s second just after the half-hour mark with the third coming through a Vardy penalty in the 65th minute.

A late consolation to Everton provided little relief from a side that looked down and out from the beginning.

But it was the post-match formalities that the crowd had all come to see. Finally, after a truly remarkable season, Leicester lifted their Championship trophy.