The Copa America Centenario is just weeks away from kick-off in the United States. The 100th edition of the Copa America tournament is poised to be one big fiesta celebrating football from the American continent. This year the Copa will feature sixteen teams across North, Central and South America including the likes of Brazil, Argentina, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile.

(It’s gonna be awesome…)

To get hyped up for kick-off, one Television Network has taken the absolute piss out of US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, in a brilliant new television commercial.

The montage shows some of on-field Latino highlights of recent years, whilst Trump provides a voice-over featuring some of his most controversial statements towards Latin Americans from his campaign trail.

‘la verdad lo mejor que pueden hacer es no dejarnos entrar’ translates to; “The truth is, the best they can do is not let us in”